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Tottenham fc Speed training plus technical skills

(video : @TottenhamHotspur Youtube :Coach Konstantinos Foundas)

Speed training is a big chapter in modern football training. Analyzing the data from the GPS that we receive in the Match , we watch the Sprint Distance 25,2km/h+ in meters , the individual sprints and (very important) the km/h of the maximum speed that is achieved in the match . Then we decide how much in meters we will do during the week depending on what we want to achieve. Contemporary speed coaches like Tony Holler(Specialist in Speed Training ) suggest 2 speed trainings per week, this really depends on the team , the level of the players, the season (Pre Season or In Season ) and at the end the characteristics of the players “Fast or Slow ” players .

Today we present a Speed training from Tottenham Hotspur fc , the one part is in a straight line and the other in a half circle. But before that, it adds a technical element or a dynamic element that is very important in football. We recommend the use of this training in MD+3 in Season Microcycles .Total Reps : 3-6 Work :5-8” Rest : 1.30”-2’min Distance of clear speed 30-40m .Sprint Distance : 120-200m depend the players .