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PAUL gotsis

Soccer Strength and Conditioning Coach
Αsteras Tripolis FC Super League Greece


In the new Season 2024-25 I will be Soccer Conditioning Coach in Asteras Tripolis fc ,Super League Greece.

Asteras Tripolis fc Super League ,Greece 2024-25 Pre-Season Training
Speed training guidelines

Speed Training is the most popular topic in modern Soccer training in -season and in pre-s…

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Tottenham fc Speed training plus technical skills

(video : @TottenhamHotspur Youtube :Coach Konstantinos Foundas) Speed training is a big ch…

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Unlock Your Performance Potential with Zone 2 Training: A Comprehensive Guide

Figure 1. General relationships between Zone 2 aerobic (MAF HR, AerT, VT1, LT, and Fatmax)…

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Influence of recovery time between sets on hiit applied in soccer

The Effect of Two Speed Endurance Training Regimes on Performance of Soccer Players.Iaia F…

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Resistance and Assistance training for speed

Horizontal Force Emphasis Vs Vertical Force Emphasis Although there may not have been many…

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