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Although max speed begins to drop if not trained you need to remember you’re a FOOTBALLER and footballers won’t always have the most REALISTIC training schedules due to a heavy IN-season. We demostrate the 4 mistakes that a lot of Soccer Conditioning Coaches or Soccer players make in Soccer Training .Avoid these and keep yours speed in high levels .

MISTAKE 1 : Lack of Consistensy .If you don’t make 1 or 2 times per week speed training ,begins to drop

MISTAKE 2: Not enough REST . 60”sec per each 10m sprint is the best rest period between reps

MISTAKE 3: Sprint distances that carry over better to the game .You need to keep yours speed in the training down to 5” sec per repetition (30-40m).

MISTAKE 4: How much volume? 150+ per sprint session .Keep on your mind how many m Sprint Distance you make on the match and after prepare and the volume in the training .

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