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HIi Training in Soccer Sample Potenza Aerobica

Potenza Aerobica (Anaerobic Lactic Acid Training ) 

We propose one sample training for High Intermittent Intensity Training (HIIT) This high-intensity workout is useful in the 3rd week of preparation and during the season period. It has all the elements that are reinforced by the modern training philosophy (GPS Training ).This workout gives a significant percentage to all parameters such as ΜetP(w/kg),VO2m,M/min ,Acc,Dec,>30*,Deq,%Deq,%An etc .

Procedure of Exercise

Blue Line : 55m =10” Passive Rest :20”

Yellow Line :115m =20” Passive Rest:20”

Red Line :137m=25-30” Passive Rest :10”

Black Line :170m =35”-40”   Total Duration 1 Repetition:470-476m M.Av Total time :2.30”

6 Repetitions =2820m  Time Repetitions : 1′.30”-2.00”

Both in the preparation phase and in the season it can be combined with a ball training session. However, due to the high percentage of accelerations and decelerations but also to metabolic power, it can also be used as a self-training without ball.My suggestion is to go ahead with a ball practice and then finish the training with this part,specific in the season period.Don’t forget that when you plan a training without ball you must keep the simulations pattern of the real game.

This Training took place in Juventus fc period (2007-2009) Coach :C Ranieri Fitness Coach :A Pintus the last 3 years in Real Madrid and in National Team of France.