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High- Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In the new magazine that is published this month there is an excellent article about High Intensity Interval Training. It is the first summary article published in Greek about Interval Training. In 15 pages we describe the History of Interval Training, the disadvantages and  advantages, detailed tables from recent researches, examples of Interval training with or without ball with simultaneous analysis of data using GPS, we analyze the simultaneous use of Interval training with ball and without ball and finally we answer very often questions of colleagues about the use of High Intensity Interval Training.

Long or Short Intervals ? Τhe most important in this article is , a clear view and tendency from me about the HIIT in the Short Interval Runs (SI)  and a reservation and removal for the Long Intensive Runs (LI) -probably only for the first days in Pre-Season- but I humbly express my view that emerges from many year experience .Finally could the SI influence both the Aerobic and the Anaerobic System ?

What’s the key physiological deference between SI and LI ?When working continuously at intensities above lactate threshold for prolonged durations ,as you do during LI ,small disturbances of the homeostasis gradually leads to mascular fatigue ,in time reducing your ability to contract during the interval bout .In SI ,homeostasis is quickly restored during the more frequent recovery periods 

If I use all the year SI and not LI I have problem in my physical conditioning level ?  All these we clarified in this article 

I put some samples that you can find in my article .

6′ Box to Box Runs
Integrated Training MD-3 /MD-4

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